Saturday, November 22, 2014

Upcycled Dessert Stand

I had seen photos of Upcycled Dessert Stands and I wanted to create one as a focal point for my dad's 80th birthday party. I had already created some Upcycled yard ornaments, so I figured I would use the same basic procedure--obtain some glass pieces, stack them, and glue them together.

Part one went pretty well--I went to the local second-hand store and spent some time in the housewares department stacking glass items. I figured I was onto something when the other shoppers stopped to admire my handiwork.

Then, I purchased the items, washed them, and stacked them in my house.

That's when it hit me--did I really want to schlep this huge crystal thingamajig to Ohio in the back of my car?

My mom always said that necessity is the mother of invention, so I put on my thinking cap and decided to try--Industrial Strength Velcro.
I had a coupon and purchased it at JoAnn Fabrics, but I think it is cheaper at hardware stores.

 Yes, Industrial Strength Velcro is totally a thing. Best of all, it is self-adhering, so I didn't have to use any glue.

I simply cut narrow strips and fitted them to the top and bottom of each layer. I used hooks for the top, and loops for the bottom. For the narrow cup top edges I put a thin rim of hooks and then wider loops for them to grip. (I used white velcro, which I thought was less obvious than black.)  It worked like a charm! I did leave the stand in one piece for a while to allow the adhesive on the tape to cure (about 24 hours.) Then I just took it apart and packed each piece in an individual plastic bag, which stacks neatly and takes up far less space than the assembled stand.

The stand in action at a fundraiser for Team Ritter of the John Ritter Foundation for the 2014 New York City Marathon.
This stand will soon be available at my Etsy shop, along with other beautiful Upcycled items. 

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